Paint Ideas For Living Room

Paint Ideas For Living Room – We bought our first family home in the legendary City of Robin Hood Nottingham. We needed to stretch our budgets and be inventive as cash was tight. This included using our bath panel that was previous as part of this dcor from the front room.

Challenge that is intriguing and sounds like does not it? Well here is how it came about.

The home we bought is at a very leafy suburb of town. My partner and I had stepped up moving to the area and decided to purchase the house we can manage in the place. I guess we had taken to heart the mantra location, location, location’.

As a result we ended up using a that required renovation. In our new home all the floor boards and joists where rotten, the windows had shifting plus we had heating, gas and electrical solutions. The backyard was Jurassic though it did have some rose bushes in, looking. We had taken on a cash.

Not to be discouraged about turning our newly acquired project we set. One of the appealing facets of the house was of the 1930’s features. This comprised fantastic doors that we have stripped professionally along with some nice original cast iron fireplaces.

The fireplaces created a characteristic that was central in the living and dining room areas. Nevertheless both fireplaces had some serious work and desperately needed restoring.

We utilized chemicals to strip off the soot that was old and scorch marks from the flames themselves. Then we maintained the appearance and eliminated and replaced the surrounds with new types that had a rustic feel.

The challenge came when we eliminated the hearth in our space. Replacing this seemed to be really difficult. Primarily we did not have cash which limited our choice of fresh tiles. In fact we ended up searching from the budget ranges that whilst nice did not fit in with the whole theme of the room at heaps of tile swatches.

It was then that I had an idea that is inspired. A couple of days before we replaced with our tub and ripped out. In fact at this stage it sat taken down to the dump and on our driveway waiting to be loaded into a jump. My partner had it was a shame to ditch it and commented about the black marble panel. Get it cut down to be used as our fire hearth and my idea was to take this.

Finding a rock mason took a glance through a small business directory and a couple of calls. I am happy we discovered a specialist as not only did he cut it to size but also provided us advice on the best way to take care of a cherished fire hearth.

We installed it quickly using concrete to hold it in position. I took a trip and then bought some tiles to go around the border of the fire itself.

The end result is outstanding and even to this day we find guests to our home commenting on the feature fireplace in our front room. Needless to say they are always amazed when we come clean and explain our resourceful use of our previous bath panel.


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