Living Room Pictures

Living Room Pictures – Over 12 years ago we purchased our first family house in the City of Robin Hood Nottingham. As cash was tight we needed to extend our funds and be tremendously inventive. This included utilizing our tub panel that was previous as part of the dcor from room.

Challenge that is intriguing and like doesn’t it? Well here is how it all came about.

Is in a really suburb of the city. Both my partner and I had awakened moving to the area and opted to buy the house we could manage in the best area. I guess we’d taken to heart the mantra location, location’.

Because of this we ended up using a that demanded massive renovation. In our new house all of the floor planks and joists where rotten, the windows had shifting plus we needed gas electrical and heating solutions. The garden was Jurassic looking though it did have some fantastic rose bushes in. All in all we had taken on a massive cash draining task.

Not to be discouraged about turning our project into a house we set. One of the aspects of the house was the features of the 1930. This included fantastic also and internal doors which we got stripped professionally some cast iron fireplaces.

A feature that was central was produced by the fireplaces . Both fireplaces urgently needed restoring and had some serious work.

We utilized particular chemicals to strip all of the old soot off and scorch marks themselves. Then we maintained the overall look and eliminated and replaced the surrounds with ones which had a feel.

The challenge came after we eliminated the hearth in our space. Replacing this seemed to be hard. Primarily we did not have a lot of cash which restricted our choice of tiles. In fact we ended up searching from the budget ranges which whilst did not fit in with the theme of the room at dozens of tile swatches.

It was then that I had an idea. A couple of days before we replaced our previous tub from the family bathroom and ripped out. In fact at this stage it sat on our driveway waiting to be loaded to a skip and taken down to the dump. My partner had remarked about the black marble panel that is beautiful and how it was a shame. Make down it to be utilized as our new fire hearth and my idea was to take this.

Finding a rock mason took a glance through a small business directory and a couple of calls. I am happy we discovered that a professional as not only did it cuts but also offered us advice about how best to take care of a new cherished fire hearth.

We installed it quickly using cement to hold it in position. I then took a visit and purchased some matching tiles to go around the edge of the flame itself.

The final result is outstanding and even to this day we find guests to our house commenting on the beautiful feature fireplace in our room. Needless to say they are constantly amazed when we come clean and clarify our resourceful use of the tub panel.


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