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reasons not to work

Finding the motivation to get some work done is always a bitch. I just sat down in a bar and decided to get some work done. Well, as you can see, so far, this list is the closest I have managed to get to work - top 10 reasons not to work. Please, add your

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I'm hungry, need to check the fridge

My apartment looks dirty, can't concentrate.

My boss is an ass, but he will never let me go (so you don't have to work, as long as you're your own boss).


There's a new episode of X out, got to watch that.

Too many things to do, can't decide.

Got to think of children in india, they need work too.

Just remembered I nice saying 'All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy'

I shouldn't tire myself out today, got to work tomorrow.

There's too many beautiful girls around (like I said, I'm working in a bar right now)

My beer might get too warm if I work too much




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