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end of the world

MyFavs HQ decided to conduct a small survey on what the reasons might be for people to wish for the end of the world. Here's the top 10.

Initial list created by my_favs_org     Modified list by users

If you say so we have to take your word on it. However, what makes you think the afterlife in the boiling hellhole will be any better?

So why would you wish for the end of the world then? Your life probably already ended the moment your favorite team lost. Have fun!

Sounds like you've been expecting for the day to come for a long time? Yes? Sorry, but the water...well, if the world has ended, what has the water got to do with anything? Do you really think it would help you survive the end of the world? Hmm, nice one.

That must be the most obvious reason to wish for the world to end. You're a smart guy, got to admit that! Of course, yes, if you don't want to die, but you will have to anyhow, why not get everyone else do the same as well, right?

If we believe in all the catastrophy movies and stuff, and we do, the end of the world is going to be one of the most beautiful things you've ever seen. Respect!

Mate, that's not a reason to wish for the world to end. Rather, that's a sign that the end has already begun!

New experiences are great. And we all should be more open about new things. Obviously you have something to teach us. Kudos! See you after the end!

It's really a legitimate reason. However, you probably haven't thought about the fact that in the process, you will probably die as well.

That's one reason we can actually believe in. When you're out of beer, it's like almost the end of the world all by itself.

For a moment we actually stopped to think about it. After which we didn't really care anymore whether the world is going to end or not. Let's go!




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